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    The Lower Saxony animal house outfitter WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp has unveiled Smart.Light solution with an aim to render animal control easy and efficient for the house staff WEDA Smart.Light. (Image source: WEDA) According to the company, with the help of this innovation, the status of feed intake of the individual animals or pens is ...
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    The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved a US$13.2mn financing package for a fisheries and aquaculture development project in Malawi The project is expected to directly benefit 20,000 residents around the surrounding lakeshore and inland areas. (Image source: Virginia Sea Grant/Flickr) The sustainable fisheries, aquaculture development, and watershed management project will provide infrastructure for ...
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    The University of Pretoria (UP) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have successfully developed a vaccine against avian influenza using tobacco plants, bypassing the many biosafety risks involved with using traditional live vaccine viruses. In this world-first study, a virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine against bird flu in chickens was successfully produced and ...
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    Dr Patrice Motsepe, founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, with AFASA president Dr Vuyo Mahlati and chairperson Neo Masithela. Billionaire businessman Dr Patrice Motsepe says there are high-level discussions with, amongst others, the Motsepe Foundation and banks to launch a multi-billion rand fund focused on agriculture, farming and related industries. The fund will ...
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    In partnership with Algeria’s mobile network operator Djezzy, Nokia has set up a Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) to equip farmers with practical data and help them achieve better yields Algeria has been implementing modern irrigation system especially from 2000. (Image source: mcdsquared) The IoT technology was developed to shape the future of agriculture and ...
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    A major focus for the FAO is establishing a new business model based on science, data, transparency and accountability and that is conducive to strong partnerships with the private sector. “The world needs a strong, efficient and dynamic FAO. And FAO needs strong reliable partnerships with you,” FAO director-general Qu Dongyu told private sector representatives ...
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